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  • Product Image of 0230-LARGE | RSID SEMEN UNIVERSAL BUFFER 40 Tests/Kit #1
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Part Number 0230-LARGE

RSID SEMEN UNIVERSAL BUFFER 40 Tests/Kit for laboratory use.

The First Confirmatory Test for Human Seminal Fluid

  • Other human body fluids do NOT cross-react with this test procedure. (Fluids tested: saliva, blood, urine, vaginal secretions)
  • Animal seminal fluid does NOT cross-react with the test procedure.  (Samples tested: bovine, porcine, caprine, and ovine semen)

Detect as Little as 1 µL of Human Seminal Fluid

  • RSID-Semen results correlate with Y-STR profile intensity, except vasectomized or low sperm count males.

Efficient Sample Analysis

  • Strip test results are complete in 10 minutes

Dual Monoclonal Antibodies

  • Specific for human semenogelin antigen
  • No cross-reactivity with other body fluids or animal semen (no cross-reaction observed with blood, saliva, urine, vaginal secretions, menstrual blood, or with cow, pig, dog, goat, or sheep semen)


Immuno-Chromatographic Lateral Flow Strip Test

  • Standard assay format
  • Extended shelf life